KSU Retirees Association Annual Scholarships

Requirements for receiving a KSURA Annual Scholarship


  • Enrolled full-time or part-time at Kennesaw State University
  • Have a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale;
  • Pursuing a degree in any major;
  • Good academic standing and record.
  • It is preferred that the student recipient demonstrate financial need as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid; if a student with financial need cannot be identified, the financial need criterion may be waived.
  • Applicant must be a direct descendant (child or grandchild) of a retired faculty or staff member who had at least 10 years of service to KSU and/or to SPSU prior to the consolidation.
  • Scholarship is renewable through graduation up to a maximum of 3 years for an undergraduate student and a maximum of 2 years for a graduate student.
  • Student recipients must re-apply for the scholarship each year that they are eligible.


  • May apply for the scholarship as a sophomore, junior, or senior.

Scholarship amounts

  • Generally $1,000 per year per student, depending on the funding raised for this account.