(Revised and Approved – 10/1/15)

Article I. Name

The name of this non-profit organization shall be the Kennesaw State University Retirees Association.

Article II. Purpose

The Kennesaw State University Retirees Association (KSURA) exists to support the mission of the University and to provide opportunities for KSU retirees* to stay connected to one another and to the University. (*as of January 1, 2015, to include retirees from KSU and/or SPSU)

Article III. Goals & Objectives

It is the goal of the KSURA that retirees, who have spent many years serving KSU, can continue to be of service to the University. We believe that the involvement and participation of retirees will be beneficial to students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as to the individual retirees. 

The primary goals of the Association are:

1.       Facilitate communication between the University and its retirees.

2.      Promote volunteer support to the University by retirees. 

3.      Assist with acquiring financial support for the KSU Retirees Legacy Scholarship funds that support annual and endowed scholarships for KSU students who are children or grandchildren of retired employees of KSU.

The objectives of the KSURA are:

1.       Organize one or more events to connect retirees to athletic, cultural, or social events on campus each semester.

2.      Provide volunteers for each commencement cycle.

3.      Serve as a watchful eye on the maintenance of the Legacy Gazebo and engraved brick walkway.

4.       Coordinate and support the annual KSU retirement ceremony.

5.      Coordinate with Human Resources for the dissemination of retiree benefits information.

Article IV. Membership

Section 1.a Retired Members

Any former faculty or staff member who has retired from Kennesaw State University and/or Southern Polytechnic State University may become a member of the KSU Retirees Association upon completion and submission of a membership form and payment of an annual membership donation of at least $20 to the KSU Retirees Association’s account held by the KSU Foundation.

Section 1.b Household Members

Any household where two retirees reside may join as a household membership of at least $35.

Section 2. Associate Members  

Individuals may become an Associate Member of the KSU Retirees Association upon completion and submission of a membership form and payment of an annual membership donation of at least $20 to   the KSU Retirees Association’s account held by the KSU Foundation.

Associate membership is available to:

            1.  Any spouse or domestic partner of a retired or deceased faculty or staff.

            2. Employees within one year of retirement from active service who wish to become             involved with the organization prior to retirement.

            3. Employees who have left the service of the University without officially claiming             retirement benefits. 

Associate membership donation amounts will be regulated by the KSU Retiree Steering Committee.

Section 3.  Membership Card 

Upon receipt of their donation, all Retired Members (see 1.a above) of the KSURA will receive a Retirees Association ID Card.  The KSURA office staff will request production of the card from Campus Card Services personnel and will mail the printed card to the retiree donor. Membership benefits accessible via this card include free parking at the Visitor’s Lot, access to the KSU Employee Fitness Center, and Library check-out privileges.  Additional benefits may be negotiated from time to time. Retirees with an Association ID Card are also eligible for amenities provided to members of the KSU family by area businesses.

Associate Members do not receive a Retirees Association ID Card but will be included in all retiree communications and are welcome to attend all retiree events.

Article V. Officers/Chairpersons

Section 1. Officers

The Steering Committee of the KSURA shall be composed of the four co-chairs, the Office of Development staff liaison, and not more than 30 additional Retired Member volunteers for a total of 35 members.  Those members, who do not serve as co-chairs, serve indefinite terms but will be asked to affirm their intention to continue working on the Steering Committee at the same time that co-chair elections are held.  Sub-committees shall be convened as needed.

The four officers of the KSURA shall be elected by the Steering Committee for a two-year term:  two faculty co-chairs and two staff co-chairs.   Elections will be held each November with one staff and one faculty being elected and taking office the following January for a two- year term of leadership service to the KSU Retirees Association.   Officer positions may be renewed with an affirmative majority vote of the steering committee.   

Development Liaison – The Division of University Advancement, Office of Development, has, since the Retirees Association’s inception, provided a staff liaison for supervisory support and advocacy for the KSURA.  This employee works with campus departments and the KSU administration to promote the interests of retirees.  This employee will serve as a non-voting member in all decisions required by the Retiree Steering Committee.

Section 2. Duties

Faculty and Staff Co-Chairs – The faculty and staff co-chairs shall represent the KSU Retirees Association in an official capacity.  In addition, they will provide strategic leadership to the organization. 

Article VI. Meetings

The Retiree Steering Committee meets monthly during the academic year.

For a vote on official business, a quorum is required, which is defined as a majority of the steering committee members present.

Article VII. Membership Donations 

Section 1. Annual Membership Donations

Annual Membership Donations will be determined and regulated by the Steering Committee. All retirees will receive an annual request to renew membership contributions in a letter designed by and vetted through the Retiree Steering Committee. Donations are used for the ongoing expenses of the KSURA in maintaining contact with its members, promoting the KSURA, and supporting the University. The Office of Development Liaison will provide an annual report on the donations/expenditures of the KSU Foundation Project # 30SPEMPLOYEE, which is designated for use by the KSU Retirees Association.

Signature authority to expend monies from this account will reside with the Vice President for University Advancement.  Before submitting expenses to the VP for University Advancement, the KSURA Development Liaison should review the expense incurred and the purpose for the expense with the KSURA’s 4 Co-Chairs and receive email approval from 3 of 4 Co-Chairs.

Section 2. Retirees Legacy Scholarships

Donations received that are designated for the KSU Retirees Legacy Annual Scholarship and the KSU Retirees Legacy Endowed Scholarship are charitable gifts given to the KSU Foundation.  As a non-profit association designed to support the needs of Kennesaw State University, the KSU Foundation will administer these donations in support of KSU students as outlined in the scholarship Agreements.  These donations are housed in the KSU Foundation Projects # 30ANRETIREE and # 51009KSURLS.

Should the KSURA wish to revisit the scholarship criteria and amend or change any of the existing requirements for eligible student recipients, such changes must be done through the Division of University Advancement, Office of Scholarships. Student applications, review of these applications, and scholarship awards are conducted through the Office of Scholarships. To prevent a possible conflict of interest, at no time will a KSU retiree serve as a scholarship application reviewer.

Article VIII. Dissolution

In the event there is insufficient interest to warrant continuation of the KSU Retirees Association after polling the members of the Retirees Association, the Steering Committee may vote to dissolve the association by majority vote of the Committee.

In the event that the Association is dissolved, the assets of the association (all funds in the KSU Foundation Project # 30SPEMPLOYEE) shall be contributed to the KSU Retiree Legacy Scholarship KSU Foundation Project # 30ANRETIREE.

Article IX. Amendment of By-Laws

Proposals for amending the by-laws should be presented to the KSU Retiree Steering Committee for approval. A two-thirds vote of steering committee members is required for amendment of the by-laws.