Retiree Association Legacy Scholarships

Retiree Association Annual Legacy Scholarship

Direct descendants (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) of KSU retirees who attend Kennesaw State University are eligible to apply for the Retiree Legacy Scholarships. The retiree must have worked at KSU and/or SPSU for at least ten years and be officially retired.

Encourage your KSU student relative to apply for a scholarship for next year! Applications are accepted generally November 1 through March 1 for the following academic year. For more information and to access the online application, go to and click on "Application."

The KSU Retirees Association Annual Legacy Scholarships are supported entirely by the Association through donations and fund-raisers. Thank you once again to those who have contributed to the Retiree Annual Legacy Scholarship! Your generosity has provided scholarships to help relatives of retirees with their educational expenses. These scholarships are awarded annually and may be renewed upon review of the student's application.

To make a gift to the Retiree Legacy Scholarship, click the link on the left.

Annual Scholarship requirements

The 2022-2023 Recipients are:

Rebekah Cheshier (Steve and Joyce Cheshier)
Erik Gijlstra (Janese Thompson)
Paul Hassler (Sue Hassler)
John Merkin (Debbie Chimeno)
Emilee Philpott (Judy Perkins)
Juliana Robbins (Suzy Millwood)
Chloe Sanders (Janice Sanders)
Laura Werner (Ronald C. Young)

The 2021-2022 Recipients are:

Rebekah Cheshier (Steve and Joyce Cheshier)
Paul Hassler (Sue Hassler)
Chloe Sanders (Janice Sanders)

The 2020-2021 Recipients are:

Sarah Andrews (Karen Andrews)
Grace Bowe (Erik Bowe)
Moriah Cheshier (Steve and Joyce Cheshier)
Kaitlyn Eisenhardt
Kelsea Perry (Tommy P. and Nancy Green Hall)

The 2019-20 year’s recipients are: 

Sarah Nicole Andrews (Karen Andrews)
Grace Bowe (Erik Bowe)
Moriah Cheshier (Steve and Joyce Cheshier)
Emma Henry (Joe Webb)
Kelsea Perry (Tommy P. and Nancy Green Hall)

 scholarship luncheon 2019    scholarship luncheon 2019-2        

Previous recipients include:

2018/19 - Sarah Nicole Andrews (Karen Andrews); Emma Henry (Joe Webb); Danielle Jeter (Lorraine Jeter); Jayla Jeter (Lorraine Jeter); Brian Yockey (Joe Webb).
2017/18 - Katelynn Anderson; Alison Bowman (Linda Stanley); Patrick Collins (Mitch Collins); Danielle Jeter (Lorraine Jeter); Thomas Prochaska (Nancy Prochaska).
2016/17 - Alison Bowman (Linda Stanley); Patrick Andrew Collins (Mitch Collins); Danielle Jeter (Lorraine Jeter); Marie Tippins (Paul Tippins); Maghan Tymchuk (Barbara Hammond).
2015/16 - Patrick Andrew Collins (Mitch Collins); Rebecca Fish (Mary Lou Fish); Geoffrey McLaughlin (Marlynn McLaughlin); Stephen Charles Pritchett (Tom Pritchett).
2014/15 - Rachael Eister (Bill Hogan), Stephen Pritchett (Tom Pritchett), Becca Fish (Mary Lou Fish).
2013/14 - Virginia Yockey (Joe Webb), Sarah Fish (Mary Lou Fish), Becca Fish (Mary Lou Fish), Rebecca Bowman (Linda Stanley), Stephen Pritchett (Tom Pritchett), Rachael Eister (Bill Hogan).
2012/13 - Rachael Eister (Bill Hogan), Virginia Yockey (Joe Webb), Sarah Fish (Mary Lou Fish).
2011/12 - Sarah Fish (Mary Lou Fish), Kayleigh Palmer (Grady Palmer).

Retiree Association Endowed Legacy Scholarship

The Retirees Association has begun to gather funding to support an endowed scholarship which will also be awarded annually once it is fully funded. If you would like to support the development of an endowed scholarship, make that selection when you complete your donation.

Endowed Scholarship Requirements