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Spring 2018
"2018 Retirement Ceremony"

Fall 2017
"Brunch on the Bricks 2017"

Spring 2017
"Retirement Ceremony 2017"

 Fall 2016
"Brunch on the Bricks 2016"

Spring 2016
"Retirement Ceremony 2016"

 Fall 2015
"Brunch on the Bricks 2015"

Summer 2015

"2015 Annual Retirement Ceremony"

Fall 2014

"Brunch on the Bricks 2014"

Spring 2014

Greet the Golden Owls Retirement Ceremony

Fall 2013

Groundhog Eve: 5 Year Retirees Association Reunion Coming Soon!

Fall 2013

Retiree Asssociation Enhancement Underway

Spring 2013

Years of Service & Retirement Ceremony

Winter 2013

Passports and Pastimes

Winter 2012

The Retirees Legacy Scholarship

Fall 2012

Remember When Photo ID Party

Summer 2012

GA HEROS Find Common Ground

September 2011

Western Art 101

August 2011

Retirees give dollars to KSU scholars

June 2011

Star-Spangled Celebration

March 2011

Newly Retired Owls Flight

February 2011

440 keys unlock and evening music

August 2010

A time for rememberance

March 2010

Celebrating service milestones

February 2010

Retiree Application Night

January 2010

Retiree Night at KSU Basketball

November 2009

KSU Retirees on Facebook

September 2009

What's new on campus? Come tour and see!

August 2009

Recap of the Retirees Luncheon


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Volunteers are needed to help plan upcoming KSU Retiree events.

If you are interested in serving on the Retirees Association Steering Committee, please contact one of the co-chairs or the Retirees Association office at 470-578-7984. We would welcome your participation!